I am Stronger Campaign


The I am Stronger Campaign focuses on strengths that you have increased in the last year. This campaign spreads the idea that the strengths on the wheel are not static. Just because one area on the wheel isn’t strong for you now, doesn’t mean you can’t strengthen it in the future. You are not stuck. You can grow stronger in each area of the wheel. The I Am Stronger Campaign is about collecting stories of strength from your community and sharing them through photos, videos, wall displays and social media. 


What gives this campaign power is if everyone in the school can get involved in  a writing, art or video project or small group discussion. These activities get everyone thinking about their strengths and the ways that they have grown stronger in these areas.  We want people to know they can grow in certain areas by working on new practices or activities that help develop these strengths. Likewise, we can help our school or community grow and develop these strengths by highlighting how others have gotten stronger.

Click here for a video about creating an I am Stronger campaign:

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Here are some tips to help you create a successful I am Stronger campaign in your school or community.

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Videos: Click here to watch an example of an I Am Stronger Video:



Hallway Displays You can make I am Stronger cards, take photos of students and adults, and create a wall display using the photos and stories of strength. 

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School Newspaper & Announcements: Peer Leaders can write or interview others (students and adults) about areas they have grown stronger in. These stories can be posted in the school newspaper or shared over morning announcements. If the campaign is run over the course of a week, there could be one or two stories every morning. I Am Stronger stories can also be posted on bulletin boards.

Small Group Discussions: During a classroom presentation, Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors can first share a few of their own I Am Stronger stories. Then other students can be invited to share their stories of strengths in small groups. You can use the Sources of Strength I Am Stronger cards or design your own. The Sources of Strength Wheel can be projected onto a screen, drawn on the whiteboard, or displayed on a poster to help other students identify strengths that have become stronger in their lives.  

Social Media: You can also spread this campaign on social media by encouraging people to share their stories of strength and hashtag #IamStronger and #SourcesofStrength



Click here to download these I am Stronger cards