Sources of Strength webinars are designed to help you…

  1. Better understand all areas of the Sources of Strength program;
  2. Gain new insights pertaining to training techniques, tools, and resources;
  3. Explore new ideas related to messaging campaigns and activities – what works and what doesn’t;
  4. Collaboratively engage with Sources of Strength Trainers and Adult Advisors throughout USA and Canada.

Webinars are hosted by the national Sources of Strength team. They are first offered live, lasting approximately one hour, with dedicated time to interact with presenters and other Sources of Strength Master Trainers, Trainers, and Adult Advisors. Each webinar is recorded and archived for viewing after the live date. To view recorded webinars, click on one of the links below.


New Tools and Resources

This webinar will update you on new tools and resources available for Sources of Strength Trainers and Adult Advisors.

  1. Help Trainers and Adult Advisors to use the Sources of Strength self-evaluation tool to track their peer leader team progress and program sustainability.
  2. How to effectively use all the materials, activities, and campaign ideas available in the Sources of Strength Adult Advisor Field Guide:
    • Peer Leader Activities Tracking Form
    • Peer Leader Mission Statement
    • Ten Meeting Activities
    • Core Sources of Strength Activities
    • New Games
    • Thank your Mentor/Elder/Trusted Adult Campaign
  3. How Peer Leader teams can reach the most isolated teens in a middle school or high school.
  4. Getting Peer Leaders to engage various Sources of Strength social media sites.


Sustaining your Program

This webinar will show you how to effectively sustain and grow a Sources of Strength Peer Leader team from year to year. It includes specific tips on:

  1. Engaging key decision makers and finding Sources of Strength champions in your school or community.
  2. Telling your Sources of Strength story with use of data – impact of the program (pre & post surveys); qualitative numbers (# of messages, # of students exposed to messages); having peer leaders tell their own stories of strength to adult, community, and administrative groups (how the program has impacted them); and/or using peer leader videos to tell the story.
  3. Developing essential partnerships to achieve success and sustainability – a process of ongoing change.Finding funding partnerships for sustainability.


Research Base


This webinar will introduce Sources of Strength Trainers and Adult Advisor teams to the research team out of the University of Rochester in New York, as well as some of the latest research findings related to the implementation and impact of Sources of Strength. The following key themes will be addressed:

  1. Key theories of Health Promotion/Social Marketing
  2. Findings from study by University of Rochester team of Peer Leader messaging in Sources of Strength.
  3. 5 Recommendations for Safe/Effective messaging.
  4. Opportunity for Sources of Strength teams to share messaging strategies and lessons.