Grant Resources

Sources of Strength has been written into a large number of regional, provincial, state, and federal grants and understands the difficult process of writing successful grants. If you are planning to write the Sources of Strength program into a grant and need help with the specific details of the programs implementation, step-by-step rollout, evidence-based outcomes, cost structure, etc…, then our Grant Writing Support Document can help. The Granting Writing Support Document contains:

  • General program information about Sources of Strength.
  • The five-step Sources of Strength process.
  • Details related to awards and recognition received from national entities.
  • Media coverage of Sources of Strength.
  • Research related to the outcomes of our national randomized trials of the program.
  • Sample questions and answers for grant applications.
  • Sample deliverables language.
  • Specific duties for implementation.
  • Standard cost structures for implementation of the Sources of Strength program. *Please contact Sources of Strength for a detailed and personalize quote for your initiative.