Elementary Pricing

There are two components to the Sources of Strength Elementary pricing; curriculum costs and training costs. These are one-time startup expenses to enable a sustainable launch of Sources of Strength in your school.

Training Costs

Training and support are essential for effective and sustainable implementation. Sources of Strength Elementary utilizes a Coaches Training model to equip district and building-level leaders to support classroom instructors. This two-day training develops fluency in the content and the capacity to coach and support classroom instructors. It is recommended that each school train at least two coaches. The model requires schools to have at least one coach from the school or district level.

Service Price Savings
Single Coach Registration $1,500
Multiple Coach Registrations Per School $1,000 $500 – 33%
Local Coaches Training (up to 50 coaches) $25,000 Up to $50k – 300%
School Level Professional Development Training $5,000


  • Send one coach from one school – $1,500
  • Send two coaches from one school (recommended) – $2,000
  • Have all staff trained through Professional Development day – $5,000
  • Support district-level implementation with a Local Coaches Training – $25,000

Curriculum Costs

Source of Strength Elementary uses a grade-level pricing model to maximize equity, access, and adoption. Costs are based on grade level rather than per student or per classroom. This allows every teacher, classroom, and student in that grade level to have access to the curriculum. This pricing structure does not require every classroom in a grade to implement the curriculum but rather makes it easier and more affordable for those that would like to. 

Service Price per School

Single Grade Level (K-6)


Multi-Grade Package: K-2 or 3-5*


Multi-Grade Package: 3-6*


Multi-Grade Package: K-5*


Multi-Grade Package: K-6*


Multi-School Rate: Grades K-2 or 3-5 at each school*


Multi-School Rate: Grades 3-6 at each school*


Multi-School Rate: Grades K-5 at each school*


Multi-School Rate: Grades K-6 at each school*



*All Multi-Grade and Multi-School discounts only apply to orders placed together.


  • Implement in one 5th grade classroom – $750
  • Implement in four 5th grade classrooms in the same school – $750
  • Implement in 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade classrooms in the same school – $1,500
  • Implement in 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade classrooms in four schools across a district – $5,000


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