End of the Year Celebration Guide

It’s almost the end of the year! It always sneaks up sooner than expected. We are excited to see so many of the great campaigns you have been running at your schools. As the school year comes to a close, we want to remind you of the importance of an end of the year celebration.

Setting aside time to thank Peer Leaders for their hard work and commitment is not only important for remembering our mission, but also for keeping up numbers as you go into your next year. Students that feel recognized and supported are far more likely to remain involved in the Sources of Strength program going forward.

This celebration does not have to be big or expensive. Here are some simple ideas that could help make your Sources of Strength team feel seen and appreciated:

This celebration can take many forms. Here are some key things to keep in mind however you decide to celebrate:

  • Remember to touch both minds and hearts, share stories of impact, strength, and connection and point to numbers and reach of your campaigns over the course of the year. Read records that you have kept from efforts throughout your time together. Page 12 of the Adult Field Guide (also found online) is a great way to help Peer Leaders understand the important impact they have had on their school.
  • Provide students with Award Certificates/Patches/Plaques recognizing their leadership and the important role they play as a peer leader.
  • Host a celebration event and invite parents, friends, teachers etc to join in the recognition and celebration. This can be a great opportunity to communicate the mission and impact of your Sources of Strength team to others and students will love being honored in front of their friends and families.
  • Allow Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors to briefly share what the group has meant to them this year.

Here are some ideas for planning a celebration:

  • Serve cake and play some group games like Thumper and Walk Around Cool.
  • Show a slideshow of your group’s time together throughout the year.
  • Create silly or fun awards for members of your team like, “Most Likely to Get Way too Into Rock Paper Scissors” or, “Chief Problem Solver”.
  • Have a pot-luck and a games tournament.
  • End of the year water balloon fight on the quad? Yes, please!

We would love to see your end of the year celebrations. Tag #sourcesofstrength on social media or email us at media@sourcesofstrength.org. As always, feel free to contact any of the Sources team members for more ideas or to answer questions you might have. Good luck!