Getting the word out


Now that you have completed Sources of Strength Peer Leader training, it’s time to start sharing Sources of Strength with the rest of your school and community. In your first planning meetings, your team should brainstorm ways to introduce Sources of Strength to your school. This can include:

Introducing your team
Introducing people to the strengths on the wheel. Be creative. Photo booths, videos, large art installations or wall displays, classroom presentations, and social media are fun ways to share the strengths with your community. 
Create a Sources of Strength social media page for your school. Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Name it SourcesofStrengh_YourSchoolsName or YourSchoolNameStrength. Pick a few Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors to be in charge of running the account. 
Announcements about Sources and the strengths
An I Am Stronger Campaign is also a good way to share stories of strength and help students and staff reflect on their own strengths

  I am Stronger photo montage