Quarantine’s Day

Happy Quarantine’s Day! That’s right, May 14th is a new national holiday that our team at Sources of Strength created for you! Quarantine’s Day is a day to connect- with your Family Support, Positive Friends, and Mentors. Connect with your most generous folks, your most grateful folks, or folks who you just plain appreciate. You’ve still got time to plan… who will you send a Quarantine to? Share this video, tag your #Quarantine on Instagram or send a Quarantine IRL. Make your Quarantine’s Day one to remember (think prom-posals, people!!). In addition to spreading Hope, Help and Strength, let’s take a day this week and #SpreadTheLove #whathelpsus #SourcesofStrength

Our Quarantine’s Day Song!

My Funny Quarantine is a rewrite of the Jazz standard My Funny Valentine, written and performed by friends of Sources in Eugene, Oregon, The Blue House Cats. Enjoy!!!

Printable Quarantine’s Cards

Quarantine’s Cards for Social Media