Remote Learning

Sources of Strength Elementary was built with care and intention to be an engaging, interactive, connecting, and impactful classroom curriculum. COVID-19 and the necessity for remote learning has obliged all of us to adapt to meet this moment. While the lessons in this curriculum were designed to be delivered in person, we know that engaging, interactive, connecting, and impactul lessons are still possible via remote learning. We know because we have experienced powerful moments of connection and inspiration as we have pivoted to a virtual environment these past months. 

The work of Sources of Strength is as important now as it has ever been. The work of supporting mental health and social emotional wellbeing, of navigating big emotions and transitions, of culture building, asking for help, and developing resilience are all essential.  Promoting health, connection, and wellbeing is essential business, especially now. Thank you for your care for your students, for engaging in this foundational and essential work. 

This Resource

Our hope is to provide you with tools and resources to adapt the Sources of Strength Elementary Curriculum in a way that:

  • facilitates connection and a sense of belonging
  • builds strength and resiliency
  • engage in social emotional learning that improves the mental health and wellbeing for both staff and students

This resource is meant to give you guidance, support, ideas, and strategies for how to engage in this important work in times of remote learning. What you will find here is not a prescribed online curriculum, it is meant to accompany the lessons from the curriculum, it is important that you read and utilize the original lessons. This resource is meant to help you adapt and fit the lessons into your context and reality. Remote learning looks different district to district, school to school, class to class. As such, the guidance provided here is meant to be flexible to meet a myriad of contexts, modalities, platforms, and deliveries. 

Our hope is that every lesson can provide:

    • Opportunities for Connection,
        • A place for students, teachers, and instructors to get to know each other, building trust and relationships. These connections are all the more important in a remote learning environment where regular  face to face connections are lacking. These opportunities for connection help foster a greater sense of belonging and increases engagement with other remote learning aspects. 
    • Opportunities for Application
      • Sources of Strength is impactful when an individual is able to engage, interact, and apply the content to their own lives. Moving students from being an “audience member” to a “participant” in this content is crucial for creating personal change in behavior, beliefs, and ways of being that are more healthy. 
    • Opportunities for Reflection
      • When students have the opportunity to reflect on how these concepts show up in their own lives, it more deeply embeds and personalizes the learning. 

These opportunities will allow students to experience and engage with the content in a personally impactful way, creating both personal and cultural/classroom impact. 

Some strategies and modalities that you will find to accomplish the above include: 

    • Instructor videos introducing and explaining the main points and content of a lesson. 
    • Interactive activities, worksheets, exercises etc that allow students to reflect and apply the ideas within the lesson to their own experience. It is important to frame these activities in a way that doesn’t make them just feel like homework or a graded assignment. 
    • Reflection prompts for journaling or sharing
    • Video conference conversation prompts to engage students in virtual Talking Circles that allow them to connect, reflect, and apply together
    • Interactive elements that encourage play and creative expression 

As instructors you will become the experts in remote learning. Use your insights and creativity to deliver the content in a way that works for you, your context, and your students. Share your ideas, learnings, and strategies with us. We would love to learn and grow along with you and share these insights with others across the country!