Sources of Strength Week


Sources of Strength Week

The Sources of Strength Week is designed to engage your school or community in a fun way with Sources of Strength and to get students and staff, talking about, engaging in, and developing their strengths and connections to others. Be creative in planning a Sources of Strength week that fits your school, community and culture. 

A typical Sources of Strength week will assign a strength to each day of the week: either choosing five of the eight strengths, assigning two strengths for three days of the week, or running the campaign over the course of two weeks.

Each day will focus on one of the strengths, in a variety of fun and engaging ways. You can use games, classroom presentations, photo booths, sidewalk chalk, art, posters, videos, school-wide activities, small group discussions, wall displays, social media posts and challenges, school announcements, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Tips for Preparation

  • Planning: Use one to two of your Peer Leader meetings to strategically plan and prepare for a Sources of Strength Week. Brainstorm all the activities you want to do and partnerships with other groups that you can use. Break Adult Advisors and Peer Leaders up into smaller groups to work on specific topics or activities. As you are planning, think about ways to engage as many students and staff as possible. 
  • Partnering with other groups, clubs, sports teams, activities, planning committees, and outside prevention agencies, can help you achieve the broadest reach and impact of the campaign. 

Some examples of ways to partner with other groups in your community:

    • If there is a video club at your school, invite them to help make Sources of Strength Week videos. There could be a promo video to get students excited about the week, as well as a video documenting the events of the week and the fun activities.
    • If there is a graphic design class, invite these students to participate in making posters with local faces and Sources of Strength messaging.
    • If there is a photography class, invite them to document the events of the week and help create great visual content for posters, social media posts, yearbook or school newspaper articles.
    • If you have a school newspaper, invite a few of their journalist to report on the run up to, as well as the events of the week, highlight hope, help, and strength. They can also detail resources and supports that are highlighted during the week.
    • Involve all the sports teams and clubs in a Healthy Activities day, highlighting the numerous healthy activities that are available in your school or community.  
    • Invite the Counselling, Mental Health staff, and psychology class(es) to participate in a Mental Health day, leading students in positive mental health practices and highlighting and connecting students and staff to mental health supports and resources that exist in your local community.
    • Connect with local service organizations that serve your community or school and invite them to participate in and support your Generosity day. Connect to and highlight existing efforts of generosity that are practiced in your school or community.
    • Engage your local newspaper agencies and invite them to write about and highlight the efforts of your Peer Leader team and the events of the week.
    • Engage local agencies that work with families and can help offer resources, content, and support for a Family Support day.
  • Fun: It is essential to ensure that the Sources of Strength Week is fun, engaging, and remains focused on Hope, Help, and Strength. We do this by coming up with relevant ways to infuse games and a general sense of playfulness and festivity into every activity that we do. Avoid making activities or presentations too serious or long, or ever slipping into lecture or one-way presentation mode. Instead, engage students and staff in dialogue and discussion, always ensuring that  your activities, social media posts, or challenges are pointed toward strength and help to highlight connection and resiliency. If done right, a Sources of Strength Week can quickly become the highlight of the school year calendar.   

Watch this video to hear about Sources of Strength Week from other Peer Leader Groups


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