T4T Overview

The Sources of Strength Provisional Train the Trainer program is intended to be a step-by-step process.  The following are general guidelines for the registration process, the step-by-step process, core skills required to be a certified Sources of Strength  Trainer, the general costs of the program, the certification timeline, and dates for upcoming Train the Trainer Trainings (T4T).

Sources of Strength is intentional in our approach to training Certified Trainers. Given the highly interactive and comprehensive nature of the Sources of Strength program, we take training those implementing our curriculum very seriously. As such we ask that if you are not a Provisional Trainer and have not attended the Sources of Strength skills session, that you consult with Sources of Strength about becoming a Provisional Trainer before using our curriculum.


Please register here to indicate your interest in becoming a Sources of Strength Trainer and the training dates that would work best for you. Once registered, someone from the Sources of Strength team will reach out to you to confirm details about upcoming training opportunities.

Certification Process

The following details are intended to guide you through the step-by-step process of becoming a Sources of Strength Provisional and then Certified Trainer. Note that simply attending a Train the Trainer Skills Session does not automatically qualify an individual to be a Certified Trainer. The “Provisional Certified Trainer” must attend and complete all of the following elements prior to full certification.

Upon completion of the Train the Trainer Advanced Skills Session training, you will become a Provisional Trainer, and be tasked to carry out the following activities before receiving full certification as a certified Local Trainer:

  1. Watch all training videos for the Adult Advisor and Peer Leader trainings (virtual and in-person) Training Videos can be found under the Trainer section of sourcesofstrength.org website.
  2. Facilitate four Practice Trainings:
    • A Practice Training is a 30-minute to one hour training session, where a Provisional Trainer facilitates a portion of the Sources of Strength training, with the goal of developing confidence and competence with various sections of the training.
    • A Practice Training can be with any group a Provisional Trainer has access to, including: 
      • Introducing the program to a group of students;
      • Pitching the program to a group of administrators or school staff;
      • Introducing Sources practices to your family, friends, or colleagues.
    • Provisional Trainers will use the Trainer Feedback Tool to self measure fidelity to the Sources of Strength Trainer Manual.
    • Provisional Trainers will provide feedback on each Practice Training through the Sources of Strength Training  Log.
  3. Facilitate four Co-Trainings with a National Trainer:
    • Provisional Trainers are required to facilitate portions of two Adult Advisor trainings and two Peer Leader trainings to complete this step.
    • Provisional Trainers will provide feedback on each Co-Training through the Sources of Strength Training  Log.
    • National Trainers will use the Trainer Feedback Tool to provide Provisional or Local Trainers with coaching, feedback, and guidance on the certification process.
  4. Participate in an ongoing Community of Learning for Trainers by engaging on our Slack channel, watching all the training videos, connecting with the Sources National team with questions or concerns, and participating in our National Professional Development Webinars.

Participation in the Trainer Certification Process will help Provisional Trainers gain experience delivering Sources of Strength Adult Advisor trainings and Peer Leader trainings in accordance with Sources of Strength protocols. Practice Trainings can be conducted on your own or with a colleague, while Co-Trainings must be conducted with a National Trainer, or specially certified Contract Trainer, State Trainer, or Regional Trainer. During this process, we ask that you maintain continued communication with the Sources of Strength National office to evaluate your progress. As you complete each stage of the Trainer Certification Process, please log your trainings under the Training Log page of the sourcesofstrength.org website. The Training Log helps to keep a record of your progress as a Provisional Trainer and certified Local Trainer. 

Once Certified

Once certification is completed, trainers:

  1. Are certified for a specific geographic region (county, tribal area, school system, etc.) as previously agreed upon with Sources of Strength;
  2. Agree to submit brief online Trainer Logs for each individual training (both mini and co-trainings).
  3. Commit to provide training with fidelity to Sources of Strength standards.
  4. Agree to use materials copyrighted and purchased through Sources of Strength and ensure that schools being trained are up-to-date on paying their yearly licensing fees.
  5. Will consult with the National Sources of Strength team regarding any adaptation of program implementation.
  6. Will remain certified and in good standing as a Sources of Strength Certified Trainer if they provide at least 1-2 trainings per year containing Sources of Strength modules and attend a recertification course through Sources of Strength every three years.
  7. Will only offer Sources of Strength training outside of the agreed upon geographic region if granted permission by the Sources of Strength National team. Becoming a Sources of Strength National or Contract Trainer is a more rigorous process that involves skills in starting, developing, and mentoring new regions.

Booster Trainings

Train the Trainer (T4T) Booster is designed to onboard current local, regional and state-level trainers into our fall delivery strategies (including organizational updates, Sources Trainings at a Social Distance, Sources Online and Remote Learning Implementation)

Train the Trainer Costs

Initial costs associated with the Sources of Strength Train the Trainer process are:

Physical Trainings

  • $4,000 for one Trainer.
  • $2,500 per Trainer if you send more than one Trainer (i.e. $5,000 for two Trainers. $7,500 for three, and $10,000 for four).
  • $35,000 to host your own Train the Trainer locally. Hosting a local Train the Trainer allows you to invite 30 participants. Sources of Strength reserves the right to invite ten additional Trainers from other regions.
  • $1000 per Trainer for recertification. Sources of Strength recertification training is required every 36 months from your last attendance at a Train the Trainer Training.

Virtual Trainings

  • $2,500 for one Trainer.
  • $500 for Booster Training

Prior to attending a T4T, an invoice with billing details will be sent to each participant or funding entity (if you are part of a region with an existing Sources of Strength contract then the Train the Trainer fees may already be covered by that entity).

Training Timeline

The length of the Trainer certification process is dependent upon the schedule of the Trainer and the availability of local co-training opportunities. We require that Trainers complete the certification process within 24 months of attending a T4T. However, the training can be completed in as little as three to four weeks. Recertification is required 36 months after a Trainers last participation in a T4T.