We all have emotions, both feelings and sensations, in our brains and bodies, that respond to the world around us. These emotions are information about if we feel safe, if we feel loved, if we feel excited, or maybe if we’re really stressed (two emotions that can turn your stomach upside down, but for very different reasons).

There are a few emotions, that if left unnamed, or unnoticed, can get so BIG that they overwhelm us. We are going to spend the next two months naming and noticing our big emotions, and then exploring What Helps Us. Chances are, at some point in your life, you have already noticed that your anger, your anxiety, or your sadness had gotten so big you needed to access some of your strengths to cope, to calm and to find balance. During this COVID-19 outbreak, our staff is noticing that we are feeling anger, anxiety, and sadness, (sometimes all in one day, all at the same time!!), and we also know that if we use our strengths, if we work our wheel, we can raise the level of wellness in our homes and in our communities. Thankfully, resilience is a practice, like any other skill or habit, and that means the more we do it, the better off we’ll be!

The #WhatHelpsUs campaign will highlight how we are coping and connecting in the midst of this major disruption. It is possible for us to not just survive, but to THRIVE. We are going to create art, photography, videos, and even video-conferencing, to work our wheels. We will use music and storytelling, we will raise our voices, and leverage our influence, to build up our strengths and practice #WhatHelpsUs together. And we want you to get involved! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and don’t forget to tag us @sourcesofstrength and use the hashtag #WhatHelpsUs whenever you post!

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