Sources of Strength Week

Sources of Strength Week Resources

A typical Sources of Strength week will assign a Strength to each day of the week, either choosing five of the eight Strengths, assigning two Strengths for three days of the week, or running the campaign over the course of two weeks. Each day will have targeted messaging surrounding one of the Strengths, looking to tackle the Strength in a variety of fun and engaging ways. This means engaging students in games, classroom presentations, small group discussions, wall displays, social media posts and challenges, school-wide activities, photo booths, sidewalk chalk, art, posters, videos, school announcements, etc. The possibilities are endless and teams can decide what the scale and scope of the campaign will be and what will best fit their school schedule. We strongly encourage you and your team to personalize every event and campaign to fit the needs and culture of your school or community. This campaign is often run at the end of the year.

Campaign Examples

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