What Helps Me

What Helps Me Campaign

The What Helps Me Campaign focuses on highlighting emotional regulation and what Strengths help us to cope or manage our emotions in times of stress or difficulty. No one gets through life without regularly experiencing one of the Big Three Emotions: anger, anxiety, or feeling down, sad, or depressed. The What Helps Me campaign is about helping individuals to identify which of these emotions they wrestle with the most, and which Strengths function as positive and healthy coping strategies for them. We know that these emotions are common and pervasive but we don’t as often hear how people cope or manage them. Let’s tell that story, and give others hope that they are not alone; they too can discover Strength to overcome.

• To increase participants social-emotional awareness of how they react to stress, difficulty, or challenges.
• To identify ways to manage difficult events in healthy ways.
• To share options that could help others with emotional regulation and resilience.
• To normalize healthy coping strategies and change the narrative on how we respond to hard times.

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