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Campaign Examples


Social Media Start Kit

Download the Wheel and Logos


Resources for Connecting to Help

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline US 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Services Canada  1-833-456-4566

Crisis Text Line   Text HOME to 741741 in the US

The Trevor Project 




This is a great free resource for designing posters, social media posts, etc.


Resources for dealing with difficult times. 


Inspirational and educational videos. 



imovie  iMovie – Make videos from your phone

snapseed   Snapseed – App for editing photos

superbetter  Superbetter – Game app with points for taking care of yourself

Evernote (1)  Evernote – Good for organizing and sharing notes

flowvella  Flowvella – Free app for collaborative and shared presentations

prezi2   Prezi – Free app for presentations

stopbreathethink2   Stop Breathe Think – Web and mobile app for taking time to check in with your emotions, to breathe and meditate.  

calm   Calm – An app to calm your mind and help you  meditate, sleep, relax and breathe. 

 Buddhify-app  Buddhify – Mindfulness & meditation for modern life